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There are a few food items that I refer to as

YES and NO Foods

because they actually possess certain benefits and drawbacks depending on who is

taking them and what they may do for you. This depends on a number of things:

your health constitution, individual biochemisty and overall diet. I will not get into arguments here or people's health conditions that is a deciding factor sometimes but say that there is merit in seeking the advice of a Good Naturopath or someone who specializes in

Functional Foods as to what will agree with you. If you are not under the strict guidelines of a Medical Specialist, you may want to experiment for yourself and see what suits.

From my research and observations through the years there can be equal arguments

for different diet preference, yet some will dispute things and insist that their

school of thought is the only one to adopt and can be very persuasive!

Here is an interesting and informative video I viewed today.

The Truth about Rice... White Rice vs. Brown Rice! by Dr. Justin Marchegiani

A review of the good and bad of white and brown rice. We will also review who will benefit from rice consumption and who won't. .

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