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The Simple Yet Potent Exercise That Benefits Everyone - "Let's Get Healthy!"

By: Jordyn Cormier

Walking. We all know it’s good for us. But why? Not only is walking great for our health, but it has a profound socioeconomic impact on our communities. Due to its widespread benefits, the Surgeon General has declared a call to action to promote walking and increase walkability in our communities. But, what really makes walking so great?

Regular physical activity is essential for good health. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes), promotes healthy weight, reduces the risk for depression, lowers blood pressure and decreases stress. All it takes is 30 minutes a day. Moderate walking is a really good form of exercise, as it doesn’t over-stress that body like some more intense activities can. Walking is good for your body, plain and simple — but you already knew that…

What you may not have considered is the socioeconomic effect walking can have on communities. The 2nd National Walking Summit, held this past fall in Washington D.C., focused on the sometimes shocking correlations between zip code and overall health. Individuals from communities with less walkability were significantly more likely to be obese or suffer from chronic disease than those from very walkable, well-designed communities. If a community isn’t designed with walking in mind, its citizens are less likely to do it due to the inconvenience and inherent danger. This encourages a more sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle.

The promotion of walking is perhaps the intersection of improved health, social justice, land conservation and living revitalization. It’s important that no-one is denied access to safe walking. With more and more Americans starting to get moving and walking each year, it’s important for our communities to keep up.

Join the Call to Action. Start walking more and promote daily walking in your community. Work to make small changes in your community so that we can ensure health and basic rights for all.


Surprising Link Between Gluten and Breasts

Here’s a side effect of eating gluten that has gone largely unnoticed—is it making your breasts grow larger?

The answer is, quite possibly, yes. The proof is in the prolactin—a hormone associated with breast growth. A 2014 clinical trial found that people diagnosed with celiac disease had elevated levels of this hormone, but once they went gluten-free, prolactin decreased within six months. And since some sources of gluten like baker’s yeast, wheat, and barley contain high levels of estrogen, that might also contribute to extra buxomness.

Whether a sudden jump in bra sizes is a hassle or a blessing, it seems there is a connection between nutrition

and overall breast health.

Don’t worry: most changes in the breasts don’t necessarily indicate cancer Still, it never hurts to incorporate

certain nutritious foods that also seem to promote overall breast health. They include:

Whether you go gluten-free or not, remember that a balanced diet consisting of whole, unprocessed foods, including vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, and certain proteins and whole grains is always great for maintaining a healthy weight, healthy breasts, and staying hormonally balanced.

Written by Dana Poblete.

Cancer Cures Are Enhanced By Cancer-Fighting Foods In Your Diet

You don’t have to search far and wide for the best foods to enhance cancer cures. What you have right there in your own pantry or backyard may not only reduce your chances of developing cancer but may even be used to treat the condition – given the right circumstances, of course.

There are many causes for the development of cancer in our bodies, and while there are several triggers, it’s no big secret that environmental factors and diet play significant roles. Hence, how we deal with these factors can work in our favor or against it.

Actually, cells that can develop into cancer are already present in our bodies; they’re simply waiting for something to push them over the edge, to cause them to behave abnormally, divide and multiply, and wreak havoc on our bodies and in our lives.

Conventional medicine recommends chemotherapy or the infusion of chemicals into the body to kill the cancer cells, but this mode of treatment always comes with undesirable side effects. Chemotherapy not only kills the bad cells, it also kills the good cells, leaving us with less immunity than before.

Foods That Contain Cancer Fighting Properties Are Abundant

It’s not surprising that many cancer sufferers end up seeking alternative treatments, and the demand for such has led to the discovery or rediscovery of certain foods having strong anti-cancer properties:

  1. Guyabano – Much has been said and written about Guyabano (known as Soursop in many parts of the world). It’s been found to have incredible antioxidant properties, giving it the ability to fight radical damage that leads to cancer.Researchers have also discovered a chemical in Guyabano that is 10,000 times more potent than the chemicals used in chemotherapy but without the side effects! Guyabano is also rich in vitamin C and fiber, and has the power to prevent and cure urinary tract infections (UTI), bacterial infections, and constipation.
  2. Avocado – Avocado blocks the absorption of fats in the intestine and contains powerful antioxidant properties. It is high in glutathione content which helps fight the free radicals, and is extremely useful in preventing diseases that can cause liver damage and liver cancer.
  3. Carrots – Carrots are abundant in beta carotene, a form of vitamin A which is an antioxidant. Carrots are known to prevent cancer in the lungs, stomach, throat, mouth, and breast. But while eating carrots regularly can go a long way, eating more than what is required by the body can also be harmful.
  4. Chili Pepper – Chili pepper is always a great addition if you want your dishes to be hot and spicy, but do you know that this not only livens up your food but also helps prevent cancer, especially stomach cancer? It’s because chili pepper has capsaicin, a chemical that neutralizes substances that can cause cancer in the first place, such as nitrosamines, for instance.
  5. Broccoli –This green vegetable has a chemical component that prevents breast cancer, as well as colon cancer and rectal cancer. Broccoli sprouts are to be eaten in their raw form to benefit greatly from their nutritional value.
  6. Citrus Fruits – Citrus fruits like oranges, have monoterpenes, chemicals that sweep cancer-causing substances out of your body. They also increase the body’s immunity, helping it to cope with stress and everything else that comes with cancer.

There are many other fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, that can also be considered important aids in cancer cures, and many others are just waiting to be discovered.

Written by Dr Morton Walker

More Coming!

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