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I will write shortly concerning Mobiles and WiFi sure to read these News-Lines that came to my attention some months ago. And also a "Solution" to this problem that accompanies these conveniences in our way of living.

I sited this news item today that Lindy sent me from Today Tonight program on ADS7...

With mobile phones sold without safety checks, it is possible mobile phone technology is the 2st century tobacco.

American scientist Devra Davis is on a worldwide tour to promote her new book Disconnected. In it she lifts the lid on mounting research and an industry intent on burying it.

“I was shocked when I learned that many scientists had raised questions about the safety of cell phones decades ago,” Devra said.

But now the $3 trillion dollar global business with 4.6 billion customers worldwide is facing growing evidence of harmful effects.

Devra is one of the world's leading epidemiologists and public health experts, she even shares a nobel peace prize with Al Gore.

In Australiathere are more mobile phones than people.

“That's why I've written this book”.

Sorry to say the Link is now Outdated.

KEEP your flash new mobile phone in your pocket and you risk "serious harm", according to the maker of the Blackberry, while Apple admits its iPhone can exceed exposure guidelines.

The Australian SAR limit for mobiles is 2 watts per kilogram of tissue, higher than the 1.6w/kg in the US.

David Smith faithfully sold mobile phones for 10 years. Little did he know, he was getting paid to sell something that he believes has now ruined his life.

David was just 30 years old when he underwent three operations to remove the tumour as big as a golf ball, around his acoustic nerve.

No longer current - You should have seen this!

Blue & White Mobile Graphic


CHILDREN have been warned to text, rather than talk, on their mobile phones by the federal Government's radiation safety watchdog.

The official caution was issued last week by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, following a decade-long study into the health effects of using mobile phones…

An Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association spokesman said: "There is no known basis for singling out children for concern."

Greens senator Bob Brown said a health warning should be issued to all mobile users.

"There is no proof mobile phone use is safe," he said.

Mobile phones and Wi-Fi may be a bigger threat to the health of our children than we’re being told. One government report, prepared in France, suggests both can damage the developing brain – and now mobile phones are being banned in every primary school in the country.

Other health authorities have claimed that mobile phones are safe to use, although the UK experts have been concerned that they shouldn’t be used by children as electromagnetic radiation from them may affect the developing brain.

Provided by What Doctors Don'tTell You on 6/6/2009




How radiation affects Children

Cell phone use by children and adolescents is increasing rapidly, and they are likely to accumulate many years of exposure during their lives. (1). In addition, children are actually at greater risk because their nervous systems are still developing at the time of exposure. (2) Because their Nervous System is still not fully developed - they are more at risk to the effects of the EMR. The increased mitotic activity in cells of developing children makes them more susceptible to genetic damage.


The following is A SOLUTION for my readers along with Wise Use and please be CAREFUL not to wear mobiles any longer than necessary.

PLEASE don't place them under or near your pillow...and use the speaker when possible.

Did you know that Cell phones actually increase the temperature in our brain?

How concerned should we be?

Self preservation tells us not to walk on the edge of a cliff. Parental values tell us that we want to

protect our children. I commend the use of products like like the following to you and your family.

Please be careful when shopping - Make sure you have a genuine Item and not just the blurb!

I have searched for products with sound Technology and Efficacy to place here.

I've found a few that have impressed me in recent years. I wish you well.

Reduce the Radiation by 97.17% (SAR)

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