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How Does Laughter Improve Health?

Health reporter Kiley Yarbrough explains the positive, physiological affects that laughter has on the body. For more health tips and information visit

Exercise and Cognitivity - Research on Aging

Strong evidence suggests physical activity and maintaining involvement in cognitively stimulating activities buttress cognition as we age. Join Amy Jak, Ph.D., UCSD School of Medicine, as she explore...

How Does Exercise Affect My Brain. The brain is very dynamic and can respond to exercise like the lungs, heart, and muscles do. The brain can actually add new neurons, new connections between neurons, and ...

1 Brain Exercise For Better Mental Concentration presents this brain exercise based off a special training approach called Neuro-Sculpting, the most effective method on the planet for getting more personal power throug...

Dr. Caroline Leaf: Toxic Thinking

Discover how negative emotions can damage your body, by a Cognitive Neuroscientist who helped to pioneer the New Awakening on Plasticity of the Brain. Don't miss this!!!

Brain Fit!: Nutrition for your brain

Dr. Jenny explains how to feed your brain properly! Hear this conversation about ways and foods to strengthn your brain.

All these benefit your Brain!

Right brain exercise - Sure to make you Laugh

Demonstration of a right brain exercise that can help you break through a creative rut. This is Fun!

17 Tips to Improve Memory, Enhance Ability to Concentrate, and Rejuvenatie your Brain!!!

You can optimize your long-term memory and concentration by:1) Exercising Regulary - A fit body supports a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is a.....

Exercise Your Brain - Dr Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta tells us how we can keep our memory as we age and even create new brain cells through mental and physical exercise. CBS News, January 19, 2007

Right and Left Brain Workout

Are you 'left brain' or 'right brain'? Do you know the difference?You've probably heard that people are supposed to be one or the other and, in a way, there is some evidence that each of the two h...

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