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Be Aware of the Perils of Aspartame and it's Cover-Up Names! It is an Exito-Toxin to your Brain and Nerve Cells. Check out this Vital Information about this and other dangerous Artificial Sugars....each one is a Health Hazard. BE CAREFUL...false information is out there!

MSG and ASPARTAME are actually termed as "EXCITO-TOXINS" by Expert Nutritionists, Herbalists and Naturopaths because of their detrimental effects to THE BRAIN and NERVOUS SYSTEM as discovered by Health Scientists.

You have a right to KNOW!

Watch out for these Manufacturer's Ploys

Those wishing to eliminate MSG from their diets are faced with an almost impossible task. Food preparers are often unaware that they're even using MSG. Labels can be misleading. A label that says "No MSG added" doesn't necessarily mean that the food is free of MSG, it simply means that the manufacturer didn't put in additional MSG. MSG goes under many aliases, one of the most common being "hydrolyzed vegetable protein," an additive used to increase the protein content of a wide variety of foods.

Manufacturers also hide MSG as part of "natural flavorings," because it is a natural product they reckon but Researchers have found that to be deliberately misleading information that the Glutamate Industry propagates - an outrageous lie the innocent public and some food manufacturers believe in ignorance.

Additives that always contain MSG

  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
  • Plant Protein Extract
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Yeast Extract
  • Textured Protein
  • Autolyzed Yeast
  • Hydrolyzed Oat Flour

These Foods often contain one of the forms of MSG

  • Malt extract
  • Bouillon
  • Broth
  • Stock
  • Flavoring
  • Natural Flavoring
  • Natural Beef or Chicken Flavoring
  • Seasoning
  • Spices

   Perils Of Aspartame You Should Know!

ALSO KNOWN AS NUTRASWEET, EQUAL,SPOONFUL, CANDERAL, SANECTA, E951, SUGAR SUBSTITUTE E950-999, L-ASPARTY-L-PHENYLALANINMETHYLESTER. In other words, when you refuse to buy Aspartame, they come up with these Name Guises to make you buy it anyway - just like the MSG tactics. So please be careful - avoid Synthetic Sugar Replacements altogether.

   Do be informed. Over time, they can make you desperately ill.

What if you could be shown overwhelming evidence that one of the main ingredients in the sweetener (aspartate) could cause the same brain lesions as MSG? Would that affect your buying decisions?  

    Manufacturer's Aggressive Intentions Now Exposed

Dr. Richard Blaylock recounted a meeting with a senior executive in the food additive industry who told him point blank that these Excitotoxins are going to be in our food no matter how many name changes are necessary. So to put this blatantly, our wishes are not being respected!

To see what this has to do with Aspartate (excitotoxins in aspartame), Dr. Martini quotes a book called "Excitotoxins:The Taste That Kills", by Dr.Richard Blaylock. Dr. Blaylock gives the definition of excitotoxins "A substance added to foods and beverages that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. Can be found in such ingredients as Monosodium Glutamate, Aspartame (NutraSweet), Cysteine, Hydrolyzed Protein, and Aspartic Acid."  

(These man-made CHEMICALS mess with Our Neurotransmitters - this is so serious)

So friends, we can no longer afford indifference when shopping, that says "I'm getting tired of checking labels"............"there's too many labels to check, I don't have the time"..........."Oh I like the taste of this product, That's OK it won't make any difference." The accumulation of these products in our system, does make a difference! 

What Does Aspartame Do?

First, aspartame releases aspartate during digestion. Aspartate is a neurotransmitter used by the neurons in the brain. It is a type of excitatory amino acid. Excitatory amino acids are normal and necessary brain chemicals, and as such, they are allowed to cross the blood-brain barrier. Aspartate, the principal chemical component of aspartame, is a neurotransmitter and a type of excitatory amino acid. It is a natural and necessary body chemical. Neurotransmitters cross the blood-brain barrier.

The blood-brain barrier is designed to protect the brain from the invasion of harmful chemicals. When normal neurotransmitters such as Aspartate and Glutamate cross this barrier in excess, they will cause poisoning and lead to the death of the nerve cells within the brain and spinal cord. This applies to MSG and Aspartame. babies-generic crop md

Protect Babies from MSG and

Artificial Sugar Replacements!

The blood-brain barrier cannot discern the amount that is needed from too much. So these neurotransmitters can build up undetected until a toxic level is reached. This accumulation seems to be particularly insidious in its effect on the developing brains and nervous systems of children.

What are the risks to children who consume excess aspartame?

The protective enzymes in a baby's brain are still immature, and therefore are unable to effectively detoxify the excitotoxins that enter its brain. This would mean that in the case of a pregnant woman eating meals high in excitotoxin taste enhancers, the baby could be exposed to these high glutamate levels for many hours. It is not unreasonable to assume that mothers will eat several meals and snacks containing various forms of excitotoxins such as MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and aspartame. This could produce a high concentration of glutamate exposure in the baby's brain several times a day. Also significant is the fact that the immature brain is four times more sensitive to the damaging effects of excitotoxins than the adult brain. Thus, following a dose of MSG, the baby's blood level of glutamate may remain high for many hours. 

Plasticity of the brain is important in the learning process. Even when the baby is in the womb, the brain of the infant is being stimulated by sounds, touch, and even light, causing changes in the brain's structure in important ways. Babies move and play with their toes, suck their thumbs, and react to noises and music after only six weeks in the womb. All of this stimulation causes the pathways in the brain to change and develop.

At birth the baby's brain chemistry functions homogeneously -- the biochemical reactions occur evenly throughout the brain. But soon after birth, the brain undergoes a rapid acceleration in growth and function. During this period the level of glutamine, the precursor of glutamate, rises very rapidly in some of the areas of the brain. Glutamate helps to regulate the development of the wiring of nerves in the new brain. As the child grows, even beyond teen years, these developing connections grow as well.

History of Aspartame Side Effects and Toxic Dangers - You should Know the Facts!!!

There are several aspartame side effects that you should be aware of. Aspartame's chemical make-up has potential excitatory effects on brain chemistry. You don't want to be a victim of this chemical mix. Don't wait 'till it is accumulated in your system to find out.

This process of molding the brain continues throughout life, but the majority of growth takes place within 0-7 years of life. During these critical years, if unborn and young children are fed drinks or food containing aspartame, over-stimulation can occur.

It is important to appreciate that many of the toxic effects of Excitatory Amino Acids occur at a time when no outward symptoms develop. The child does not become sick or throw up, or have any behavior that would alert the parents that something is wrong.

I obtained this Part-Article somewhere in my research on the Net and could not improve what it says concerning children. I give the credit to them for such wording and applaud them for Excellent Work!

Watch these Videos by Dr OZ about Diet Sodas

and Artificial Sweeteners!

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The Perils of Aspartame - WISH YOU WERE HERE‎

Dec 7, 2005 - THE PERILS OF ASPARTAME. This came as a shockwave to me. All along I thought I was making a better choice by drinking diet Coke instead of the other.

Is Aspartame Safe for Diabetics? Indeed Not!

I recently saw a Tweet stating that aspartame was safe for Diabetics; talk about misleading information. Aspartame is not safe for anyone and should never have been approved as safe for human consumption. Aspartame is one of the most common artificial sweeteners used today, and yet it has the potential to damage your nervous system—your brain and nerves—leading to a variety of symptoms from migraine headaches to unexplained seizures, dizziness, depression, and vision problems. Aspartame has been found to create MS like symptoms in patients that can result in false diagnosis. It is linked to cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Artificial Sweeteners of any kind cannot be trusted.

You say you are not affected by them? How can you know the compound effect of them - in other ways - on your body or brain chemistry in advance? There are so many stories added to the files in the offices of discerning Nutritionists, Specialists and it really worth the risk? See Natural Alternatives to the nasty masquerade of damaging chemicals on the Sugar Facts Page!

How Aspartame Wreaks Havoc on Your Health

Did you know there have been more reports to the FDA for aspartame reactions than for all other food additives combined?

In fact, there are over 10,000 official complaints, but by the FDA's own admission, less than 1 percent of those who experience a reaction to a product ever report it. So in all likelihood, the toxic effects of aspartame may have affected roughly a million people already.

While a variety of symptoms have been reported, almost two-thirds of them fall into the neurological and behavioral category consisting mostly of headaches, mood alterations, and hallucinations. The remaining third is mostly gastrointestinal symptoms.

This chart will familiarize you with some of the terrifying side-effects and health problems you could encounter if you consume products containing this chemical.

Unfortunately, aspartame toxicity is not well-known by doctors, despite its frequency. Diagnosis is also hampered by the fact that it mimics several other common health conditions, such as:

Aspartame wreaks Havoc on your Health. Read this list of serious Health Concerns related to Aspartame. Thousands of Reports are made to the FDA per year!

Remember, Manufacturers choose to word their Ads and Labels with appeal when targeting the unsuspecting. It is a well known fact to Natural Health Researchers that some Manufacturers even pay certain Medical Scientists and Nutritionists to LIE to us about their products. Friends, such outrages conduct is a BRIBE and really criminal, when you think of the aftermath of medical cases they are creating_ every day, someone's name goes on file! Often such damage cannot be reversed.....they don't know how to treat it. Fortunately, there are some Good stories.


There is a 1st hand story my mother heard from a man in his 70's who was going blind. His eyesight was restored when he stopped drinking soft drinks with Aspartame in them. The Medical profession did not know what was going on and then a proficient Naturopath told him that he had been ingesting Aspartame and to stop using it.


Well meaning parents, it is not only the Soft drinks you need to watch out for with Aspartame, but some Yogurts also with Nutrisweet (Aspartame). They make it sound so Nutritional don't they? like all the rest of their marketing ploys!

SOLUTION - Natural Sugar Replacement!

Try genuine Maple Syrup (not the imitation one in the cheap plastic bottle) it is packed with nutrients. 

Read the Page on Cokes and Sodas!

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