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Cleansing the bloodstream and colon

At least twice a year is one of the most important keys to maintaining true health. Ultimately we recommend a blood and colon cleansing 2 - 4 times a year. The body must have healthy, nourished blood to complete its task of feeding the cells, replacing the worn out parts, and carrying away the waste products that are produced within the bloodstream. Likewise, the colon must be cleaned out to eliminate accumulated mucous, toxins, and hardened feces in order to allow absorption of nutrients from our foods and supplements.

There are different ways you can do this. Info Coming!

Benefits of fermented vegetables:

  • Improves digestion: fermenting pre-digests the food before we consume it and directly supplies our digestive tract with living cultures that are key to breaking down what we eat and making sure it assimilates into our system.
  • Balances gut flora: say “goodbye” to constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, yeast infections, allergies and ailments like asthma (linked to a lack of good bacteria in the gut)—fermented foods are loaded with the good flora our systems need to thrive.
  • Rich in enzymes: properly digest and assimilate the food/nutrients you eat with enzyme-rich fermented foods—don’t just ingest your food, absorb it.
  • Preserve your food: make sure the food you buy and grow doesn’t go to waste—fermented foods keep for months thanks to “bio-preservatives” that are created through the fermentation process (alcohol, lactic acid and acetic acid). By nature’s design, they retain nutrients and prevent spoilage.
  • Save money: fermenting foods is inexpensive, for a few dollars you have powerhouse foods that last and nourish.
  • Shed extra lbs: most of the time, extra fat on our body is stress and toxins—improve digestion and assimilation and watch the excess go “bye bye.”
  • Increased energy: consuming live, pre-digested foods adds zip to the body instead of depleting it (no labored digestion).
  • Boost immunity: when bad bacteria dominates, poorly digested food (and fungus) spread around the body and can lead to ailments like leaky gut syndrome. This increases inflammation, which manifests in numerous autoimmune disorders like arthritis and diabetes. Reset the important friendly bacteria balance, and in turn charge up your immunity.
  • Clear skin: friendly bacteria decrease the toxic load on our bodies—since our skin is one of the greatest outlets for toxins, you’ll see your skin repair and glow.
  • Improve liver function: rid the body of toxins and help assist the liver in its cleansing functions.
  • Detoxify: our beneficial bacteria pals grab hold of toxins like mercury, lead, aluminum and arsenate and makes sure they are removed from our bodies in the form of productive #2s.
  • Sharp thinking/memory: it is known that our guts are our second brain (ie: “what does your gut say?”), heal the gut and say goodbye to mental fog, depression and anxiety.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean recipe that can be adapted many ways, with a variety of vegetables. What I list below is a starting point only, so feel free to change quantities and ingredients. Start with cabbage (always a great base) and change the veggies to what You like. Try adding chili peppers, Jerusalem artichokes, burdock root, even apples to the mix.

How to eat/enjoy kimchi:

• Anytime you cook up veggies, rice, quinoa, noodles or

pseudograins like buckwheat, top it with some kimchi—delish.

• Eat it plain before and after meals for digestive boostin’.

• Mix it into a salad and use

this sauce for dressing Oh my.

For Recipe and Instructions, go to the following website

Easy Way To Ferment Your Own Veggies

Homemade Probiotics, Save Money

By Fermenting Vegetables Quick & Easy



Benefits of Kefir:

Helps to establish gut flora

Extremely important to maintaining body systems

Resulting in “healthy flora” making up to 80% of the GI tract

The role of 20% microbes like candida that are beneficial in small amounts

given this ratio, they properly perform their tasks of regulating our metabolism

producing various hormones and nutrients, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

This helps to protect our Immune System in a natural way.

Kefir will help your gut to regain this equilibrium – fostering better health.

Your Immune System will function much better.

Unchecked candida – where it dominates – can often cause frequent headaches

and cloudy thinking.

Food allergies and rashes can also occur, leading to other health problems. They do not always show up straight away. Stress and poor diet (low quality foods) various antibiotics and medications are known to throw our gut flora out of wack, that results in unhealthy flora playing a dominant role we hear of as “candida” that affects more people than you would think.

Candida is the common underlying cause of many health maladies in our modern-day. It’s often the reason why we feel tired and lethargic, unmotivated….. and also for unexplained irritability. Insomnia is very common. This can be not being able to get to sleep or waking up between 1-3am and finding it difficult to get back to sleep or waking up every hour or so.

Candida affects liver function. Anxiety, panic and depression can occur from a build up of toxins in the liver and it fails to function properly. Unhealthy flora builds up this toxicity in our system and our immune system is compromised also.

When our liver is functioning harmoniously, we can stay calmer. When you are healthy you’re happy. And the happier you are, the stronger your immune system will be. Our liver and Immune System need to be built up to maintain their integrity and function well. Constant use of antibiotics (3 or more times a year) actually hinders your immune system – it can also

thrash it…….the liver has more toxicity to handle than it should have. Candida does not help!

Candida Albicans not only causes inflammation; it also uses that inflammation to

colonize your gut.

Certain types of food increase the risk of inflammation. They include trans fats, sugar, white bread and alcohol. There is a significant overlap between inflammatory foods and those which can lead to a Candida overgrowth.

Apart from insomnia, candida can cause nightmares and restless sleep as well.

The probiotics in Kefir help to balance our endocrine system (glands) they create natural antibiotics. They will also help us to colonize our gut with healthy bacteria as it deals with the other. Most people these days, have only 10% healthy flora and 90% unhealthy. With the addition of Kefir to a healthy diet, you can achieve the healthy 80% 20% ratio. This is one of the sure ways to optimum health!

How To Make Milk Kefir 101


Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink that originated from China and Russia.


Promotes Healthy Bacteria in the Gut

Rebalances Homeostasis in the Body

Detoxify the Liver – Happy Liver = Happy Mood

Boosts Metabolism

Improves Digestion and Bowel Function

Rebuilds Connective Tissue

Boosts Energy – Helps with Chronic Fatigue

Reduces Blood Pressure

Relieves Headache and Migraine

Reduces Occurrence and Size of Kidney Stones

Deals with Free Radicals that damage Cells

Aids Healthy Cell Regeneration

Improves Eyesight

Heals Eczema – can be applied topically to soften the skin

Helps with Arthritis, Gout, Asthma, Rheumatism

Reduce gray hair

Prevents Arteriosclerosis

Speeds Healing of Ulcers

Helps to Clear-up Candida and Yeast Infections

Lowers Glucose Levels (prevents Energy Spikes)






Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink that originated from China and Russia.

What is Kombucha and What are Its Health Benefits?

Simple and Uncomplicated Alternative

How to Make Rejuvelac, The Fermented Super Drink

Rejuvelac is a cultured probiotic-rich drink made by fermenting freshly sprouted grains in water. It first became popular in the 1960's under the influence of living food enthusiast Dr. Ann Wigmore, the original founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Born in Lithuania, "Dr. Ann", as she was called, is believed to have acquired the recipe from her Baltic origins. Rejuvelac is a cultured probiotic-rich drink made by fermenting freshly sprouted grains in water, traditionally wheat is used, but we also use rye as well as gluten-free millet and quinoa. Plus, we show you how to make rejuvelac from sprouted wheat as well as sprouted quinoa.

How To Make Rejuvelac - A Probiotic Drink, Vegan Cheese and Yogurt Starter

Rejuvelac is a fermented beverage. It is a probiotic that is great for your digestive system and intestines by regulating proper intestinal function and digestion by balancing intestinal microflora.

Cabbage Rejuvelac 

Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Cabbage

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