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From Me to You

Relaxing & Smiling

Embrace Nature......and Nature

will Embrace You

Red-capped Robin-male

The Simple things in Life are Free

Life Inspirations Page to lighten your day!

Think of something Fun-Loving


Life Inspirations Page to lighten your day!

Autumn leaves but JESUS never.....

Life Inspirations Page to lighten your day!

Go for a stroll in the parks "Once in a While"

Beautifully arranged flower bed. Life Inspirations Page to lighten your day!

Take time to smell the Roses

Sunset Tree Silhouette. Life Inspirations Page to lighten your day!

Holidays don't have to be Luxurious to ENJOY


In the Stars His Handiwork



Uplifting Thoughts make your heart GLAD

hillside poppies14

Poppies Bloom where they find Room

and this is TRUE of people too

It's Nice to Celebrate​

3293323 s

The Eyes of Jesus are upon me

Garden Ponds Pondless Waterfalls

Find yourselves a Quiet Place

and REST awhile


Let your Heart take Wings at the

End of the Day


For more inspirations, I have a beautiful Web-Site you can visit that may appeal to some of you. Many people have enjoyed it's 40-50 Pages. I've had 78,000 Visitors in 3 years without any promotions on the Net.

The amazing amount of success with this Site leads me to the train of thought that HAPPINESS

is as important to a person's Health as any Nutritional Advice you can give them.

You will find much Lighthearted and Peaceful content there

with no sad or serious content. It will be as beneficial to your health

as any Supplement. We all need Inspirations to Lighten our Day!

Many people have told me that it is their favorite Website

that it helps them to wind down and Lifts their day.

You will also find a special Page with lots of Sample Links

of Web Cards that have been sent over one of my websites

 "Have a nice day/evening"

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