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A Health Quiz Page Just For You

See how you score...

Health Quizz Page

I will ask you to list 3 with many of these questions.

You can list more if you feel confident and see how well you score.

I will give you 3 options with some of these.

Why is Sugar bad for You? Give 3 reasons.

What recreation drug compares in chemical profile to Sugar?

Are Low Fat Diets good for you?

Name 3 Fats that are Good for our Health.

Name 3 Oils that are not good for our health.

Name one of these that benefit our health

No Saturated Fats

Some Saturated Fat

Lots of Saturates

Now say why?

Name 3 foods that contain the most Sugar.

Name 3 types of drinks that are not good for our health.

Name 3 considered health foods that are actually not good for you.

Name 3 types of Oils we should watch out for.

Is Canola Good or Bad for you?

Why is Aspartame more dangerous than sugar?

List Artificial Sugars we should watch out for?

What do Aspartame and MSG have in common?

Do you think we should include Soy in a Healthy Diet?

Can we trust Chemists__

All the time?


None of the time?

State your reasons.

Name 3 types of Fashion Shoes that are bad for your feet.

Why is it better not to use Hair Color?

Why is Fluoride actually bad for you?

Name 3 reasons why.

Are Genetic Modified Foods (GMOs) Good or Bad for you?

Are Glyphosphates safe for your Garden or not?

State your reasons.

Is Sunshine Good or Bad for our Health?

Should we have Some?

Should we have Plenty?

Should we have None?

State your reasons.

Name 3 Benefits of Laughter!

Is Exercise good for our Health?

Should we exercise Lots?

Should we exercise Little?

Should we exercise Moderately?

State your reasons.

Do Microwaves save the nutrients in your food?

Are Microwaved Foods Toxic or Not?

Does it make any difference what Soap we use?

State your reasons.

Name 3 chemicals we should watch out for on Food Labels.

Name 3 Dairy Foods that benefit most people.

Name 2 Dairy Foods that are not beneficial to most.

Are Bottles of Water Good or Bad for your Health?

Name 3 Foods that are Highly Addictive.

What are the 3 components Manufacturers use to make Foods Addictive?

What is the best plan you can make to avoid them?

I will make up a PDF doc with Answers for you

to see how you scored. This will take a while.

In the meantime, you can see correct answers in the

Info on relevant pages.


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