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How Safe Are Cell Phones?

Good Question - How Safe Are They Really?

When most of us wear them against our body,

young people keep them next to their pillow at night

and small children are using them......

we DO have the right to know True Facts

not what the manufacturers want us to believe. HEY?

It deeply concerns me when I see in the Site Activity Report for this website each month,

there are only 28-30 views for my page called Take Care With Mobiles - that only averages

one view a day. Fluoride, Cigarettes, Additives, MSG and Aspartame have a lot more views.

How-come people don't seem to be concerned about Mobiles/Cell-Phones?

Could it be "what the government allows is safe?"

If so, they allow Fluoride, Cigarettes, Additives, MSG and Aspartame too!

Could it be that we like using our Cell-Phones. I like to use mine, but I take necessary

precautions - I would not use any without adequate protection.

Could it be that "Ignorance is Bliss?"

Ignorance has not been bliss for many people world-wide - children included.

A friend who did nursing for many years informed me two years ago, that removing

head tumors above the ear has been one of two most common surgeries performed in Australia for several years now since mobiles have been in regular use.

She said that "All the Nursing Staff were Informed about It."

Doesn't sound too good, does it? It isn't!

The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)

One of CBC's Reporters looks extensively into Information that is kept from us and interviews a few professional people who are very concerned for our welfare!

No, ignoring these issues does no make them go away.

As the saying goes: Better Safe than Sorry!

Cell Phones Exposed - These Companies Don't Want You To SEE This!

Concerning Mobile Towers. Cell Phones Exposed - These Companies Don't Want You To SEE!

Wireless Warfare Exposed - Declassified Military Doc Proves Smart Phones Are Killing Mankind

This report is given by another Reporter in Independent Media from Let’s not be Ignorant but WISE!

Did you know that you should have your Cell-Phone a distance away from you when

you are Charging it? Not next to you on a chair or by your bed because of

it's direct contact to the TOWER?

Also, did you know that it is Not Good to 'Walk and Talk' with your Cell-Phone

because it constantly re-connects with the TOWER as you are walking,

it has now been discovered!

Please be careful to use the HANDS-FREE facility on your Mobile/Cell Phone

during calls. Over your ear is no place to have it when it is in use.

It really isn't. At-least position it 4-6" from your ear, hey?


Health officials’ overall recommendation is to “increase the distance between you and your phone” by using a headset, the speaker phone function and text messaging. Health officials recommend not sleeping near your phone and not carry it in your pocket or directly on your body, unless it is off. The fact sheet also states that “EMFs can pass deeper into a child’s brain than and adult’s” so suggests parents limit their child’s cell phone use to texting, important call and emergencies

6 Ways to Stop Your Phone From Giving You Cancer

Today, it's difficult for most of us to live without a Cellphone.

But there are simple ways to reduce your radiation exposure:

  • Keep the phone away from your body as much as possible. Text instead of call. This keeps your phone away from your head. Don't sleep with the phone next to your bed. And don't keep your phone in your pocket all day.
  • Avoid making phone calls when your signal is weak. When the signal is weak, your phone compensates by emitting more radiation.
  • Don't make a habit of watching videos on your phone. Video streaming triggers a strong dose of radiation.
  • Use a headset, earbuds, or speaker. This keeps the phone farther from your head.
  • Limit children's phone use. Young children's brains can absorb twice as much cellphone radiation as those of adults.
  • Avoid "radiation shields." These accessories claim to protect you from radiation. But they can do the opposite. Since shields can reduce connection quality, they can force the phone to transmit with greater energy. This means you're hit with more radiation than you would be without the shield.

INH Health Watch

In the Interest of Safety

Texting and Driving do Not Mix - I liken it to Drink Driving

If you get a strong Urge to Text while You're Driving

You are either Careless OR Addicted

You should Do something about That, Immediately!

How Texting Affects Driving

Find out Why?


Yes, take care!

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