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A few suprises are going to be here soon

you will be glad you came to this Page.

The Tracks I will place on these Lists will actually benefit your Health in some Way.

Starting with Superfoods - sometimes overlooked

but they can really make a difference!

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Why You Should Eat Cashews

by Holistic Health and Living. You should hear this audio - so much vital information. Who would have thought that tasty cashews could do these things!

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Top 7 Amazing BENEFITS OF WALNUTS - Brain and Skin

People in Middle Eastern countries like walnuts a lot and they have a very smart brain with keen concentration - I found out why 6 years ago in my research!

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Benefits of ginger - Health Benefits - Health Tips

Ginger has lots of benefits and is versatile and very tasty in different meals. You can also make fresh Ginger and Lemon Tea.

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Why You Should Eat Almonds

Almonds have a number of benefits to your health and there is a special way to prepare them that releases the nutrients to your body.

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The Benefits of Beet Juice for Super-healthy Blood

Beetroot is another superfood that is appreciated in Middle Eastern countries and overlooked in Western countries until recently - word is spreading!

The next five MP3s here are a few excerpts from a CD Set called THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION subtitled

Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and Embrace who you are. by Brene Brown PH.D.,L.M.S.W.

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Brene Brown Part 1

Introduction to Wholehearted Living

00:00 / 05:13

Brene Brown Part 2

Making Boundaries and Accountability

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Brene Brown Part 3

Neuroscience Discoveries about Relating

00:00 / 05:15

Brene Brown Part 4

Love - Belonging - Self Acceptance

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Brene Brown Part 5

Relationship and Connection

Kindle Book on Amazon.Com

Set of 4 CDs at BookDepository.Com

Jon Barron, an excellent Nutrition Enthusiast and Natural Health Advocate gives us some really sound knowledge with some cutting edge Information that is VITAL for us All.....ENJOY his imput.

00:00 / 18:00

Enzymes equal Life

Jon Barron explains the various benefits of Enzymes. You will be suprised.

00:00 / 27:11

Nutrition and Phytochemicals

Jon Barron explains the benefit of Nutrients and Phytochemicals in Natural Foods. Also the difference in our Food Crops.

00:00 / 14:55

An Army of Billions

Jon Barron describes the role of Probiotics and Beneficial Bacteria in our body....the way they protect us and enhance our health.

00:00 / 22:24

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Jon Barron explains exactly how Free Radicals work and the way Antioxidants deal with them to protect our cells.

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Exercise - Keep Moving

John Barron gives us an over all view of the many ways that Exercise favors our health. All of us, don't miss this!

Other MP3s can be played on Jon Barron's website that are as informative and interesting.

They include how our thoughts and stress effect us physically in some way.

The importance of cleansing our Liver and Blood Stream

Optimizing your Immune System and Cancer: the Big Lie

00:00 / 06:34

Cancer and Enzymes Part 1

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez explains the importance of Enzymes for the treatment and prevention of Cancer.

00:00 / 18:00

Cancer and Enzymes Part 2

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez explains the importance of Enzymes for the treatment and prevention of Cancer.

More Audio Players Coming with More MP3s

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