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The Alkaline Myth and Hype- The Acid-Alkaline Truth Exposed

Markus Rothkranz corrects the misinformation he once gave on Alkalinity and Acidity with the assistance of a (once) Medical Scientist, now a leading Natural Health Advocate.

Science of Happiness

Researchers at UC Berkeley are doing a wide range of studies exploring positive emotions and happiness. Experiments on the brain, nervous system, hormones, heart, and social interaction are indicating...

Dr. Carolyn Leaf | Toxic Emotions Series

Carolyn is a Neuroscientist who helped to pioneer ways of re-wiring our brain for a happier more fulfilling life. The brain has now proven to be plastic – your thought life can be changed to healthier and happier.

The Truth about Gluten - Dr Den Boer from DBC Natural Health - This is Vital for ALL

He will tell you hidden secrets about Today's Wheat and serious ways it can affect us - not just those with Gluten Sensitivity (Celiacs). It is a hidden cause of ADD in children and Inflammation. He explains how the Gut as a Second Brain and the History Wheat!

I am placing these YouTube Videos here that I have carefully selected

for you, my Visitors and Patrons. I sincerely think you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of these Experts.

Some Videos are In-depth

some are lighter

How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally

John Bergman tutors laymen and practioners about cause and effects, drugs and diet. Myths and mistakes of of the medical profression and commonsense approaches that work.

Hormones Explained: Cortisol - Teaching Conference Style Class - Recommended

Do you struggle with low libido, stress, or PMS?Join Dr. den Boer and Dr. Stacey for an in-depth look at hormones - what they are, how they affect you, and how you can rebalance, renew, and regain...

Forget The Calories, Just Reduce Sugars - by Dr Eric Berg - You should see this!

This professional will show you the cascading effects on Sugar in your body and explains how constant exposure builds up in your system over time and can lead to serious health conditions no-one wants, filling MDs waiting rooms!

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