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Mobiles/Cell-Phones..... Ignorance is not Bliss!

How Safe Are Cell Phones? 
Good Question - How Safe Are They Really?
When most of us wear them against our body,
young people keep them next to their pillow at night
and small children are using them......
we DO have the right to know True Facts
not what the manufacturers want us to believe. HEY?

It deeply concerns me when I see in the Site Activity Report for this website each month,
there are only 28-30 views for my page called Take Care With Mobiles - that only averages
one view a day. Fluoride, Cigarettes, Additives, MSG and Aspartame have a lot more views.
How-come people don't seem to be concerned about Mobiles/Cell-Phones?
Could it be "what the government allows is safe?"
If so, they allow Fluoride, Cigarettes, Additives, MSG and Aspartame too!
Could it be that we like using our Cell-Phones. I like to use mine, but I take necessary
precautions - I would not use any without adequate protection.
Could it be that "Ignorance is Bliss?" 
Ignorance has not been bliss for many people world-wide - children included.
A friend who did nursing for many years informed me two years ago, that removing 
head tumours above the ear has been one of two most common surgeries performed in Australia for several years now since mobiles have been in regular use.
She said that "All the Nursing Staff were Informed about It."
Doesn't sound too good, does it? It isn't!

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)
One of CBC's Reporters looks extensively into Information that is kept from us and interviews a few professional people who are very concerned for our welfare!

No, ignoring these issues does no make them go away.As the saying goes: Better Safe than Sorry!

Did you know that you should have your Cell-Phone a distance away from you when
you are Charging it? Not next to you on a chair or by your bed because of
it's direct contact to the TOWER?

Also, did you know that it is Not Good to 'Walk and Talk' with your Cell-Phone
because it constantly re-connects with the TOWER as you are walking,
it has now been discovered!

Please be careful to use the HANDS-FREE facility on your Mobile/Cell Phone
during calls. Over your ear is no place to have it when it is in use.
It really isn't. At-least position it 4-6" from your ear, hey?

ESPECIALLY WITH CHILDREN (their use should be very limited).

Not so smart: Study finds phone addiction could cause carpal tunnel injuries.
WE love our smartphones, but those of us who are on them obsessively could be at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a study has found.
SMARTPHONE addiction could be doing damage and causing pain — including numbness and tingling — in your hands and wrists, a study has found.
An international study, starting with 500 students, found that 54 per cent of “intensive” users — those using devices excessively each day — showed signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Intensive users showed signs of effects on the median nerve within the carpal tunnel and the transverse carpal ligament, resulting in numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand.
In a study of 48 university students by Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, intensive users of electronic devices reported more wrist/hand pain than non-intensive users.
The findings indicate that caution may be warranted when using handheld electronic devices, in order to minimise the chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
“Our prior work identified that out of 500 students, 54 per cent of intensive users and 12 per cent of non-intensive users reported musculoskeletal symptoms in relation to use of electronic devices.
“We randomly selected 48 students using stratified sampling from the intensive and non-intensive users for further investigation and our results showed that excessive use of electronic devices may be linked to a greater risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome,” Dr Peter White, co-author of the Muscle and Nerve study said.
“Therefore, vigilance in educating and monitoring young people using electronic devices is important, especially children and adolescents as they are less capable of self-regulating.”


Yes, take care!

More Information HERE   and YouTube Videos HERE

Manufacturers don't love our kids but we should

enough to say No. Maybe if we spent less time

on our Mobile devices, they would be less attracted!

TAGS: Real Facts About Mobile Cell-Phones, Manufacturers Deliberately Mislead Us!

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