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Let’s Pursue Health – What’s Right for You?

Some people have a strong belief structure, more so than others and find the need to ‘teach’ others and duplicate themselves as it were. Often, they have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and have to pass it on. But wait a minute, our Creator made us individuals – in body chemistry, family setting etc  and how they view life and health may not be right for us.

We all have a different set of values to live with throughout life. The problem is when some people don’t think that is enough and they have to let their favorite plants run right over their neighboring fences (anyone who is polite to listen). And when they do not or will not stop, these people are what I call ‘boundary violators’……….they’re not satisfied unless everyone believes what they believe…..aye?

We’re all given a garden, so to speak, to grow our favorite flowers in – maybe fruits and veges:) To each one of us is given the awesome privilege of making choices and selecting certain interests. So we too, have our set of values in which we can determine what’s right for us and what we adopt.

As a Researcher, I have seen several things through the years that benefit our health and  deserve merit, even if some of these are diversely different.  I do wish that professional people could practice more maturity and respect each-other’s  teachings. One size does not fit all. Professional people should not impose their personal views and preferences on their readers or clientele. I find such behavior contemptible.  The Medical profession is on the offensive often with chemical drugs and practices often – should we add to that? No, we’re here to offer people answers and solutions and hopefully some peace of mind.

There are some things that exist, such as toxic foods and chemicals, foods that benefited us 50–60 years ago before the commercial industry distorted things, regardless of our beliefs or wishes that we all need to address at some point of time, but to live our lives to the next man’s rules and regs is simply not in keeping with how we are made with a free will etc  obviously because our Creator likes for each one to have/find an expression in life.

With so much wealth of knowledge and experience, the Natural Health Profession has a lot to offer people Today.  Especially with recent and new discoveries by Health Scientists – some of them touching on the work of former pioneers whose work has been forgotten. This is a dispensation of Hope where hope has been lost for so many in recent decades due to commercial agriculture and the like. So many things that were foundational to good  health in the days of our great grandparents have been turned up-side-down to the detriment of our health along with stressful times that affect our health as well. These foods are being restored to individual lives and families who see the common-sense in them. Let us all venture there and benefit as best we can……hey?

Life can be good to us when we are good to our bodies, let’s not dispute what avenues we’re taking, but be wise in our choices we make, so they are right for us.

I believe there is a time to speak out and a time to shut up – we do not have the right to make people’s decisions for them.


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Recipe for Longevity

A year of quality sleep
to give myself that treat
To have a nourishing diet
and be eager to apply it
I'll have some healthy exercise
and try some new clothes out for size
Colors that will give me a lift
to suit me with a flattering fit
Remembering to be gracious
and refrain from being anxious
Mindful to have my rest
in Your Presence I am blessed
These are the things that I will do
to love myself like You want me to.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

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