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Who Should I Listen To?

When you're interested in good health and start searching the Net, you are sure
to come across a considerable amount of conflicting content sooner or later.
To make this area of information even more user friendly, we find YouTube videos
in addition to written Info. Some videos give good constructive advice.
Among these are wonderful pioneers who have made remarkable discoveries
to benefit mankind. However, there's a lot of "professionals" with diplomas
after their names who have nothing better to do than confuse the innocent public with hot mono-debates  (they run the whole show) telling you not to have this and not to have that - someone else told you to have! Yes, they bicker and squabble about things like religious people as to what religion you should join.

With some, the motivation is 'power-hungry' .....with some, it's 'money' of-course
and with others, it's pure 'religion' (they want to make sure you have things right
but they are not always right). In bible times, there were two classes of very
religious people: Pharisees and Sadducees. Some Christians have a saying
about them that goes like this: "when it comes to truly knowing God, the
Pharisees were far-u-see and the Sadducees were sad-u-see" (they were
also extremists). So if you encounter some 'professional' on the Net who presents
to you a school of thought that sounds extreme, maybe it is!

The more you listen to them the more persuasive they get - like multi level
marketers (MLM) and before you know it, you're buying into someone's
argument OR you'e put off altogether__ "this natural health is too hard,
I've had enough!"

While I have encouraged people to learn for themselves through the years - not to
just take my word for something and act on it, I have provided this website that is
based on 20+ years of Independent Natural Health Research and recent research,
for those who take an interest in Natural Health and also for those who are new to things
and maybe a little confused by different marketing ploys out there: the Food Manufacturers
and Medical Profession.

Most of you have heard that Fat is not good for you and we should have a No-Fat Diet.
On the other hand, we had Dr Atkins who promoted a High Fat & Protein Diet (very low
in carbohydrates). Before Dr Atkins was the Pritikin Diet that is very high in
Complex Carbohydrates!

I want to tell you something__ all three diets are Extreme. Years ago, there was an understanding taught in health and nutrition books, that our body uses
and that's what they respond too best - what I call the Commonsense Approach
our great grandparents had when things were right way up, before Food Manufacturers
came and upset the balance. Ever since, professionals have been trying to correct things -
some productively and others unproductively.


For instance:
1. We are not meant to cut out Fat.
2. We are not meant to have Carbohydrates (mostly).
3. We are not meant to have excess Fat & Protein

Actually, Atkins died early!

Even as a researcher, I will say that our great grandparents had things right, before
things got turned up-side-down. Lets return to simplicity.
I'm interested in details "yes" ...... in certain discoveries "yes" ...... but if you want to
have things in a nutshell ...... our great grandparents were definitely right ...... and
their health was to be envied, hey? They were healthier, happier and smarter!

If you want Independent INFO I've done most the researching for you.
I don't think it's right that manufacturers and professionals are targeting you in the
cross-fire between their arguments. It's getting crazy out there and you just
want good health. That's why you came here. I try to satisfy that interest.

An advantage you have at Health - Alerts is that I sift through information for you
(what's out there). I am not power-hungry ...... as I highly respect certain professionals
and share their work collectively with you. I am not money-hungry my 20+ Yrs of
Research is self funded. I will make eBooks available at reasonable
prices in the near future. I am not religiously persuasive ...... but practice a principle
that different things work for different people and results vary with the individual.
I respect your right to think freely and be your own person.

If this seems good to you, maybe I can assist you in making choices but will not
make them for you.

The above paragraph applies to my work in writings. Time does not allow me
to take anyone on personally.

I hope you feel happier for having read this article.
Most of the time, I like to write as if I am speaking to you.


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TAGS:   Bringing back the Balance, Way out of Confusion

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