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Better Communications – A Real Health Need

There is a real health need for better communications these days
with those we love and care about. Making time for or finding better ways
of relating closely with each-other can pick us up to a new level.
We will find it enriching and rewarding.

Many are living separately in their houses (so to speak) almost estranged from each-other  and many friends can't remember when they last caught up with each other - things are going at such a pace, but that's when we need to stop, take a look at things and decide how we can make improvements because after-all, we are made for relationships firstly, to experience life. See if this helps you.

A very good friend phoned me yesterday and I did not enjoy the quality of conversation I look forward to with her. She had been stressed through the week and I was very tired from late nights working on my websites to inspire her like I usually would have. I missed our usual input because we enjoy a good conversation – it felt like she had not phoned yet and it's another two weeks until we get together again.

Often, that's the way it is at home with family and also with friends because we do not get to communicate closely on a real level and something is missing. It's usually due to the rush and bustle of modern day living and many of us have not learned to do this in our upbringing – traditions carry on whatever they've been. Our family lacked this and did not know the art of listening to each other. However we have in recent years. We've been working at our communications and now they are going nicely.

It's a day when TV and computers get in the way and we don't think of much to say, much less have a meaningful or close conversation. Believe me, this makes for stress and we would fret less if we take some time to have these conversations. So many reserve their words for every day problems and getting things off their chest. Even friends these days, spend a lot of time discussing their problems instead of enjoying a visit. They will sit down talking about stressful situations or the world around them.

You know, we could do something we enjoy together, go for a walk in the park, chit chat while making a meal or snack together? And this is good for families as well.

These days, parents will be out in public somewhere with their kids and technology rules_ the kids are texting friends over their cell phones while having a meal out. Friends dining out are up to the same thing when they meet together, just different kind of messages. Many people don't know what it is anymore to go out and enjoy a meal on their own quietly, savoring their food. Even diners and restaurants have added to this by putting radios and TVs where we go to enjoy a meal. What's wrong with a good healthy conversation? Do we need background noise in the name of entertainment to be comfortable in conversation? I say NO! What's wrong with us and the restaurant for putting up with and providing this mass distraction? You can't even go to restrooms in public anymore without this phenonema in many shopping centres. Honestly, things have become so depersonalized these days_ the family unit investing little time together, friends sharing stress hoping to suffer less, expectations that are placed on us when we go out and the unruly influence of media. Is'nt that right? Many of us can relate to that......hey?

So we need to set the standards_ make a few and keep them. Return to the good old fashion ways where possible. That means to improve on communications and the time we give to this......making our family and friends time more meaningful in closer ways.We were created for close communications and to Enjoy each other. When this need is not met we're half empty on the inside.....we try to fill this space with material things, achievements and all manner of things to try and satisfy that unmet need. And why don't we make some space for God our Creator? He is wonderful Father and friend to have.... honestly, He fills a spot in our hearts that no-one on this earth can fill. You can sense His presence 24/7

Many people don't know what it is to have true family outings these days, and teenagers seek to compensate for this by living it up on fun things (whatever they perceive to be fun). So often, when young people go out it's packed with sensation and lacks reality. Mind you, TV and modern living have a lot to do with this – I'm sure you agree – and leaves a lot to be desired. When is the last time you sat around the table enjoying a nice meal together and how many times a week
do you do this?

Honestly friends, everything's out to get your attention these days! Say NO to it and start to LIVE. Then life gets sweeter, it really does. You can feel once more – maybe the first time – that Life's worth Living!

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7 Comments to Better Communications – A Real Health Need:

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Marsha and Steve on Wednesday, 12 November 2014 11:49 PM
I think that many of us can relate to so much in this article and we intend to take on some of this valuable advice in our living, close to a new year we expect will be different with closer communications. And it is'nt that our family don't love each other. As you say, the modern pace of living has effected many of us.
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Peter and Sally on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 9:18 AM
So true, so true! Much of this article we agree with. You don't even get peace in the rest rooms anymore when you go often because of the noise pollution of radio, advertisements etc as if we don't get enough over TV at home, pushing you to buy this and many things we don't need and we watch a moderate amount of TV because we don't want it to run our lives. We see so many whose quality of life is diminished these days and you wonder why? We wish they could read this article. We discussed this with each-other because we find there is a need to protect your family's interests these days. Well done!
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clinic of chiropractor on Saturday, 18 April 2015 4:58 AM
There IS a real health need for better communications these days with those we love and care about. This is a lovely content with many things which I actually wanted to know. Thanks for information like this.
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the drury lane clinic on Sunday, 16 August 2015 8:14 PM
Excellent information. The majority of people like to be able to read articles in order to know exactly about these kinds of inquiries connected with brilliant interest.
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the drury lane clinic on Sunday, 16 August 2015 8:14 PM
I recognize when it's your own blog it can be very Wonderful. Cheers for your performance. My spouse and I hope you carry on to post more of these good articles.
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Janet Vargas on Saturday, 3 October 2015 1:41 PM
Hi there to Drury Clinic and Ryde Natural Health Clinic, I do apologize for my oversight with your comments. Nice to have them! I have been busy engaged with a special WebCards website these last few months to bring peace, happiness and added inspiration into lives of visitors to my inspiratinal poem site, they can share in a practical way with family and friends. This is so important to me to build up people's morale and encourage them in day to day life. Apologies to other readers also. My inspirational site is with poems like Helen Steiner Rice wrote. I have been writing them since 2012. Thank you again!
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Jass on Saturday, 31 October 2015 7:06 AM
Because I work long hours (2 restaurant shifts) most days_ each evening I like to do something for the children, then something for myself before I go to bed. When they are little, I like to give them some cuddle-time and when they are early teens, they may like to have some space. Then I can have some more time with my hobbies. I work together with my husband. In our own time, we like to laugh a lot and enjoy quiet music.
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