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Beautiful Sunshine – What a Blessing

Sunshine is actually Good for You – Come outside and Enjoy some Again
Yes, it's Good for Flowers and it's Good for You too!

There is a necessity in these times for Switching Off from the Cares of Life and sitting or walking in the sunshine is a nice way to do that – accompanied with fresh air or quiet stillness where you can almost hear the silence. Even the quiet sounds around you can give you a peaceful sense of company, being tuned to the outdoor environment –
it is really quite restful.   

Who Should I Listen To?

When you're interested in good health and start searching the Net, you are sure
to come across a considerable amount of conflicting content sooner or later.
To make this area of information even more user friendly, we find YouTube videos
in addition to written Info. Some videos give good constructive advice.
Among these are wonderful pioneers who have made remarkable discoveries
to benefit mankind. However, there's a lot of "professionals" with diplomas
after their names who have nothing better to do than confuse the innocent public with hot mono-debates  (they run the whole show) telling you not to have this and not to have that - someone else told you to have!

Health and Happiness

This article was inspired by someone who’s words I read by the name of Dana and various thoughts I’ve had recently. I have many sayings about Happiness on one of my inspirational websites. Dana’s recipe for living is similar to mine in ways…her words are highlighted (in bold print) so you can distinguish them 
from mine.

Sometimes, we as westerners, leave it to folk in other countries to experience moments of bliss. It somehow seems a luxury to us, we need to go on an expensive holiday or something – the great escape!

More Living in Your Day/Evening

Do you feel lifeless, lonely or bored – maybe all three and lacking purpose
in your daily life?
Some people have had the “life” knocked out of them through relentless stress and some are just starting to live again after an illness or separation etc  who may benefit from the advice on this page. I hope it helps you on the way to recovery.
Most people do fundamental things I mention here but many of us have missed training in their upbringing these days since parents are both working and the pace of living has got faster.

Simple Peaceful Meditation

This is a Simple Meditation you can practice without the need for Psychology Meditation skilled  Eastern Zen Meditation etc  I have written some lovely things for you to quietly visualize in your imagination, that should bring you a happy and peaceful state of mind most times.

Our Creator has made some wonderful things in Nature and an ability to picture them. This can be so restful.  Some of these inspirations can be bubbly and delightful and others serene depending on how well you take them in (naturally speaking)

Living in a Restless and Stressful Age

It's true, is it not, that the Age that we're living in is so restless and stressful?
It's a busy life, hectic for some_ running here and dashing there, concerned
that we make it in time for this and that. An endless array of people with
busy schedules and commitments and I wonder how those who are engaged
in some types of work can keep up with an endless stream of appointments
throughout the day and socially in the evening?

A Day and Age where time itself is going so fast it is flying pass many of us

The Benefits of Laughter

Taken from my Special  Feature  Page  concerning ALL  the  Benefits  of  Laughter  -
I  call this phenomena revealed by Heart Specialists, Neuroscientists, Psychologists and Various Physicians (collectively) the CHEMISTRY OF LAUGHTER. I've gleaned the following Information from various sources of research.

LAUGHTER IS GOOD for your MORALE and also your IMMUNE SYSTEM.........It Releases Endorphins in your body that are "Feel Good Chemicals"  It can be a sure weapon against stress and if practiced regularly - as part of your Lifestyle - it can help to prevent and sometimes relieve Stress Related Illnesses.

Wonderfully Made - Neuroscience Discoveries!

Our Creator God and Neuroscience

How they can Benefit You

Religious persuasions aside - I don't have them personally but I do have time for Jesus.
He has gifted me with natural health research; making websites; writing poems
and inspirations - it has been requested to add some more inspirational posts like
the first three, so I trust you enjoy this also.

Spiritual principles found in the Bible and  recent Neuroscience Discoveries
are merging - so to speak - in some areas.

Our brain learns from positive and negative experiences and it stores them in long lasting neural pathways.

Medications or Good Health?

Medically induced conditions are escalating quite seriously.
Lawsuits are on the rise because of malpractice, defective drugs
and scandalously dishonest pharmaceutical manufacturers
who's glory is their shame. You owe it to yourself and family
to be informed about these things. Maybe for a good friend!
My advice to Readers: Don’t turn your body into a money making machine – Companies like the above have no conscience when it comes to profit. Neither do GP/MDs often because their dispensing of medications is often accompanied with

Things that make for Positive Energy

Sometimes you need to spend energy to get energy, like they do at the Gym (when not over zealous).

Yes, just like exercise can fortify us physically and many areas of health – muscle strength, immune system, our brain and emotions, anti-aging and metabolism – there are other things we can also do to benefit these areas.

Yes, things that will benefit our energy and  mood levels. In turn, we will be better physically as well.

When we are tired or stressed, we rest often. But sometimes when we are, we need to do something positive that will