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Janet Vargas

Ind Natural Health Researcher

Hullo Friends, to let you know a little about myself, I grew up in a nice little beach town south of Adelaide South Australia near hills and country. I have also lived on a beach front closer to the city and have been residing North East of Adelaide for many years in an outer suburb where I have taken on my professional interests in the 80s.

My interest in Natural Health goes back to the 1970s. At one time I was assisting a friend in a Health Store and became very interested in Supplements. In 1987, I commenced to make up special Formulas, with the intention of making Therapeutic Supplements available to the public in Health Stores. Actually, I pioneered certain concepts and formulas for specialized supplements containing Herbs and Nutrients together in the same formula.

That had not been done before. I also pioneered certain supplements for women, brain chemistry, vision

and hearing and others in my passion for Innovation to meet people's needs.

At that time, I met Australia's leading Herbalist who consulted for a company called Greenridge Botanicals

and ran the School of Southern Cross Herbalism in NSW that also taught about a certain class of special nutrients

that naturally occur in our body known as Celloids or Cell Salts to most. They were the very ones I was using in

my formulas (milligram doses not 3x and 6x). Dennis Stewart was his name. He was very interested in

my story and said to me "I believe in what you are doing. Continue with it." and wished me well.

I also met an associate of his Jesse Sleeman, an accomplished Herbalist and Lecturer from England, I presented

my formulas to go through on one occasion, who was very approving of my work and was pleased to endorse

them when I was ready to make a move. We kept in touch a little for a time.

In the mean time, I was a little too trusting and shared a few formulas with a herbalist/naturopath who worked

for a leading company in the manufacture of health supplements who was delighted to hear about them

and also someone who had distribution interests. Both these people pilfered three of my best formulas

between them and they were on the shelves in health stores shortly after. Hence, my ideas were spread from East to West as it caught on like wild fire across Australia.

I was devastated on first sight of those three formulas (doses and all) on the shelves, saying to myself

"oh no, by the time I raise capital for this, people will think I just copied them". A few weeks later, I considered

that they would be benefiting from them and that's what I wanted.....that I could continue to make other formulas,

and I did so....better ones.

It was then, that I took on a change of direction into avid Research and personal study of Herbs and Nutrients

because my knowledge gained stirred me on to more! At one time, I seriously considered taking on schooling

units of Herbology and Nutrition but someone who had experience in that area and owned a health store

said "don't waste your time, you will know a little about a lot of areas and forget much of it. You are far better

keeping to the areas you specialize in, you will know much more and this will benefit what you wish to do.

Go with your vision." 

At one time, I ventured into making certain blends of Essential Oils and Hydrosols (a fancy name

for floral and fruit waters) and made presentations with them. But Research became my long-suit and passion.

Although, I did some product development on a personal scale at one time to try certain formulas out.

People I knew personally derived benefits from this. 

Through the years, I've kept an active interest in making Natural Skincare preparations based on

discoveries of some pretty unique ingredients. I like to keep a cutting edge in that area. For some years

at different times, I had various comments about my complexion - as I don't wear makeup personally, just a little color to give me a lift. I'm in my early 60s now.

For hours, I would study of the day and evening. Also of the night sometimes, researching answers for

those with special needs. On two occasions, I followed my instincts for a friend with Lymphatic Leukemia

and another with Pernicious Anemia, Rheumatic Arthritis and Germ in her system from overseas.

I felt to supply them with a few therapeutic herbs in liquid form - that was legal with those I knew 1st hand.

In a short time, both these ladies exclaimed how they were feeling better and shared some

remarkable changes in their blood-counts etc at the hospitals, and the staff had encouraged them to continue

what they were taking - I suppose, thinking they had been to a Natural Therapist.

A passion in the areas of Anti-Aging and Brain Chemistry has been with me for many years

in Research and Formulae. Also, specific properties in Healthy Foods (in addition to their nutritional profile).

Those are my favorites. Although, mind you_ I could have practiced my knowledge of Ant-Aging more

had I not been so distracted with benefiting others with research and personal commitments.

In 2012, I rested from research work and took a complete break when unexpectedly, I experienced

a new gifting of Inspirational and Nature Poems very much like the well loved Helen Steiner Rice

following a 4 day trip in a beach/country area 5 hours away. Thought that I'd commence a website

to share them called Inspirations for You. The Link can be found on my Life Inspirations page, I

placed on Health Alerts previously, to cheer people up.....because the nature of alerting you to health

concerns - and some public issues - makes serious reading. 

But that was my vision for this Site, to inform people of Marketing Ploys etc and sharing some ways

to improve your health.....addressing the issues of faulty advice from Government & Medical bodies who have been

strongly influenced - in some instances by unscrupulous manufacturers to change the times for financial gain -

adversely affecting the health of many and leading to the epidemics we see in the world Today.....

of Overweight, Rheumatic & Arthritic, Alzheimers & Dementia, Physical & Mental Fatigue,

predominence of Weakened Immune Systems and even Aging itself_ faster than we need to.

This is not fair! Their insatiable greed for mega-dollars is responsible for wrecking the health and lives

of individuals and families alike. I intend to do my best to expose them.

You deserve to know these things!

My credentials to speak about things on this Site comes from years and hours of tireless Independent Research

where I'm not bought out (ethics wise) and always seek for balance without predudice or persuasion.

My various methods and sources of avid research include that of a complexity of Professional people

in different fields, respected Researchers in certain areas and latest research by Natural Health Scientists.

Also, the respect shown to my work through the years by various Professionals with credentials.

I'm never content to stop at the knowledge I've learned but to constantly up-date it and add

to my experience gained.

Hope this satisfies you. If not, maybe my work is not suited to your interests as

I do not write extensive references and such but seek to to be a Voice to those who need to hear.

I like to keep my expression and way of doing things Simple but professional with a

certain amount of Health Lingo for the enthusiast and those with some knowledge.

Today, I thought to add that my professional interests commenced a few years after experiencing

a medically induced imbalance of Serotonin Level.....and that I've also experienced a second medically

induced condition of Amplified Hearing (Hyperacusis). Hence, my passion to help people naturally.

It may be worth your time to see the Chemists and MDs page. You will find balanced advice.

I speak with conviction and I know my facts......sharing with you a little like speaking to you.

A Personal Word to You

When going through this Website, you can apply as much or little as you wish.

I don't like to leave anything out, but to make things as interesting and informative as possible.

That's not to say you have to adopt everything written therein. I've penned these Pages

so you can go as far as you want to go or simply pick up some Tips and Info to benefit you.

My advice to you is, gradual changes are best....and....they are usually

the ones we sustain. If family is involved in your decisions, try not to impose too

much too quickly. Habits die slow and their convictions may not agree with yours

found on this Website. The best thing you can do is take things gradually with them

as well and show them the improvements in your health and lifestyle.

My interests in Natural Health Research and Inspirational Websites

runs pretty much parallel these last two years 2012-2014.

They complement each other well for me, as one is a serious and positive interest

while the other is a light interest. And both could benefit you, by balancing the

knowledge you find in these Pages with some nice Uplifting Inspiration.

You would really find the latter quite peaceful as I don't have any

serious or sad content on Inspirations for You.

You will not lose your Page on this Website by clicking on the Link.

It will open a separate Page for you.


I've had an amazing amount of success with that Site that leads me to the train of thought that HAPPINESS is as important to a person's Health as any Nutritional Advice you can give them.

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